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Community Impact Partner

Providing Life Changing Assistance

Nashville Leadership Luncheon is proud to announce Tucker’s House as its official Community Impact Partner. A contribution will be made to Tucker's House at each of the bi-annual luncheon events to help support this worthwhile cause.

Tucker’s House was established in August 2009 by Sunny Rosanbalm, the grandmother of a little boy named Tucker, that was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Tucker's House

Tucker's House

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With architectural design and construction management background and an understanding of what it is like to live with a loved one that has disabilities, it was an unmet need in our community that Sunny knew she needed to address.

Sunny and Sandra Zaccari, a pediatric physical therapist, assess the homes of children between the ages of 3 and 22 years old that have a wide range of disabilities. The homes of these children present accessibility, safety, and independence issues. Tucker’s House assesses and retrofit’s the homes by building accessible bathrooms equipped with tiled roll-in showers, roll-under sinks, grab bars and ample storage for the necessary supplies to care for the child.  We also build ramps, install lifts systems, solid flooring, widen doors, make bedrooms and closets accessible and a variety of other modifications.

The home retrofits that Tucker’s House does for children with special needs, not only address their immediate needs but also their future needs taking into consideration the progression of the child’s diagnosis and the size of the equipment needed to care for the child well into the future.

We are so honored to serve these wonderful children and their families…. so that every child can feel at home!


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Sunny Rosanbalm is the executive director and founder of Tucker’s House as well as the grandmother of Tucker Rosanbalm, the inspiration for Tucker’s House. The journey of Tucker and his parents brought to light the huge need for families that have children with disabilities to make their homes accessible and therapy friendly. Sunny has 25 years of experience in construction management and architectural design alongside her husband, Mike, who has been a contractor for over 38 years. Sunny & Mike are the proud grandparents of 17 children.

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